10 genius ideas to use Home Automation

10 genius ideas to use Home Automation(1)

If you’re someone who has a home automation system installed in your home then this post is for you because in this we are going to tell you 10 cool and genius ways that you can use Home Automation to make your life more easier.

Being a Home Automation products provider, we have come across various useful ideas that you can use in your smart home. And the very best are these 10 that we are going to tell you in a jiffy.

But before we begin, It is essential that we tell you that all these home automation ideas are possible with IFTTT. IFTTT is short for If this then that mechanism. And it is a free way to do more with hundreds of apps and devices that you love, including, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, WiFi Switches, lights & bulbs.

And this IFTTT feature is mostly available in almost all Smart Home Controller apps like Broadlink & Ewelink.

So let’s get to the 10 home automation ideas:

  1. Automatically turn on the Coffee Maker at a specific time of day: Since Duluck Smart Plug connects with Broadlink app using IFTTT, you can easily set turn on/off timings of your coffee maker using WiFi Smart Plug device and have your coffee at the right time every time.

First connect the smart plug to a WiFi Network using broadlink or ewelink app. 

After that all you have to do is plug the Smart Plug and mount the power cable on it and you’re good to go.

Now you will be able to turn on/off or set schedules for your coffee maker.

Pair the Smart Plug with a Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker and you can control your coffee machine with your voice command as well. Smart Plug can be paired with a smart speaker using the same broadlink or ewelink or any other IFTTT app.

  1. The second one is for winters and it automates your geyser. We all know that there is nothing more terrifying in the world than realizing that your geyser is left on. So this idea helps you to automate your geyser and lets you ease.

You would require the highest capacity WiFi smart switch or WiFi Smart Plug depending on whether your geyser needs to be plugged in or If It is directly connected to the circuit. If it needs to be plugged in then get a WiFi Smart Plug if It is directly connected to the main then get a WiFi Smart Switch because they fit inside the circuit.

Once you simply install the switch or plug then the remaining part is easy. Simply connect the device to WiFi using the Broadlink or Ewelink app. From there, turn off your geyser from anywhere you want and even set turn on/off timings.

To control with voice commands, you will need to connect your smart switch/plug with a smart speaker as explained in the first home automation idea.

  1. The third one automates your water motor.

    Now there are two horrors associated with water motors.

    First, missing the water timing and not being able to turn on the motor.

    Second, water overflows when the tank’s full.

Also, many parts of the country have weird water timings at late night or during the day when people are at work.

To tackle all three problems, you can use Duluck Home Automation products which include Duluck Smart Plug/Switch and a alexa-enabled smart speaker.

  1. Fourth one allows you to control your AC from anywhere. 

After a tough day at work everybody could use a little pampering for themselves. And one way to do that is to use this home automation idea that requires your AC, a WiFi Switch installed with it, and that WiFi Switch connected to a WiFi Network and linked to your phone through a broadlink app.

Wait, it’s not as complicated as it seems. These steps are basic requirements to connect any WiFi Switch to any appliance out there.

All steps complete, you will be able to control your AC from wherever you want and have one hell of an instant hit of the cool breeze.

From here, we’re assuming that now you know how to connect WiFi Smart Switch/WiFi Smart Plug to a WiFi network and then link it to your phone using Broadlink/Ewelink App.

All the coming home automation ideas follow the same process, though you will need to fondle a little bit to execute these multiple IFTTT use cases in the broadlink or ewelink app. This will also require you to connect multiple smart switches to each other and all linked to your phone at the same time on a WiFi network.

  1. Receive notice of important emails from designated people. Use inter-device connectivity on the Broadlink app to connect Duluck Smart WiFi Switch to automate your lights or bulbs to flash when the message hits your Gmail inbox.
  2. Set a timer on Alexa-Smart Speaker and have your lights flash when the timer reaches 0. Perfect for when you have food in the oven downstairs and need an alert upstairs.
  3. Blink the lights when your Uber arrives. Use IFTTT to connect your lights that have a Smart Switch installed to the Uber App. When your cab arrives, the lights will flash and you will know it’s time to head outside.
  4. Make sure your porch lights turn on at dusk, and off at midnight – without ever flipping a switch. Use our Smart WiFi Switch to automate your porch lights. Schedule their auto-turn on/off time on the Broadlink app.
  5. Make your fan’s regulator useless by installing a remote control regulator device like Duluck KB01. No need to reach the regulators ever again.
  6. Sync your Fan or TV with a universal remote controller. Using the universal remote controller like RM Mini 3, you can easily sync your fan and TV with a Alexa Smart Speaker. When you tell Alexa to turn on the fan or TV, it will give a command to the RM Mini 3 to do it for you. Simple speaking, even your Fan and TV can be remote controlled.


There is no shortage of home automation ideas – the key is picking the right gadgets that control your devices and finding the accessories that will help achieve your home automation goals.

After you’ve chosen your dream house (or even if you’ve lived there for years), start dreaming big about the things you can do to automate your home’s activities and make life simpler, safer, and more fun.

Which of these home automation project ideas are you most excited to try in your new home? Share it with us in the comments below.