3 IOT gadgets that make fans limitless & regulators useless

These 3 gadgets are all you need to automate your fan and control it in 3 fun ways. Get ready to experience luxury-class service from a middle-class fan.

Have you ever wondered, what if fans could be controlled with a remote, or from your phone, or even with your voice command? Or have you ever wanted to lower the speed of your fan but you didn’t you’re as lazy as a sloth, or there are elders in your house who are not in a position to get up and change the speed or turn on/off the fan on their own?

Then keep on reading this post.

Today we’re going to talk about three IOT gadgets (by Duluck) that automate your fans and make your fan regulators useless to give you a hotel-like luxurious experience from regular middle class fans.

So let’s get started.

Duluck KB01: Duluck KB01: Duluck KB01 is a wireless fan regulator that allows you to control your fan with a remote control. It is the prerequisite and necessary device that actually does the magic of automating your fan. It is a simple device that comes with a IR powered upper cap which actually takes the signal from the remote (which comes with it btw) and controls your fan. Installing the upper cap is a very simple process and any electrician can do it by watching just this simple video.

Once it’s active it is all set to take command from the remote that comes along with it (with batteries). It can take command from a long distance as KB01 has a range of 20 feet. It’s compatible with all modern day fans and it also has an easy-bypass feature just in case if you want to use the regular regulator to use your fan.

In short, a click on the remote button enables you to control your fan, which is nothing less than a hotel-like experience.

Duluck RM Mini 3 + Duluck KB01:

Now you know about KB01. Let’s tell you about the RM Mini 3 which is a universal remote controller that can be paired with Duluck KB01 and make your fan controllable with your phone.

So what you have to do is that simply fair your Duluck RM mini with Duluck KB01. After that you need to install the broadlink app and voila! You’re all set to control your fan with your phone.

Not just fan, you can pair Duluck RM Mini with pretty much every remote controllable appliance like TV, AC,  from anywhere.

Now whenever you come home from anywhere you can just turn on your AC before you reach home to enter into a chilled room like a boss.

Please note that the RM Mini requires a steady internet connection like a WiFi to run smoothly.

Duluck Humpty Dumpty + Duluck RM Mini 3 + Duluck KB01:

Now this is a trio from Duluck that enables you to control your fan with just a voice command. You will still be able to remote control your fan with remote and your phone but the added Duluck Humpty Dumpty which is an Alex enabled smart speaker

Now how it works is that you need to pair the Humpty Dumpty Alexa Smart Speaker with RM Mini 3 and you’re all set to give voice commands to your fan and as a matter of fact any Remote Controllable appliance.

Giving voice commands to your fan is a very exclusive experience you only get in a luxury 7 star suite. With Duluck you can experience it everyday at a fraction of the cost of such a stay and that too when you choose to buy all there together. Individual purchases of each of gadgets especially Duluck KB01 wireless fan controller is way affordable

Join the Duluck tribe and experience how fun, timing saving, and convenient it is to use Duluck Ecosystem. We aim to make your life easier with our IOT Smart Home Gadgets.

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