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Smart Switches and Sockets for a Smart Home

If you want to covert your home into a smart home then you can go for smart switches and sockets. Wi-Fi switches and sockets can be a really good start for this. You can smarten up your normal, non-smart devices by using these sockets and switches. In this article let’s talk about the smart switch and sockets.

The easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to have smart control over your house is by using smart switches and sockets. So what actually are smart switches and sockets?

You can have the power of turning your normal devices into smart ones and control them even without doing much. How? Let’s see that.

  • Smart sockets
Duluck Wifi Smart Mini Plug
Duluck Wifi Smart Mini Plug

You might be wondering what a smart socket is. Smart sockets can be explained as small, travel adapters like devices in which you can plug in your device, connect it to a wall socket. It will make your ordinary device into a smart one. These plugs are connected to an app on your mobile phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Because of this, you can control your device, even if you re not there. By using these smart sockets you can control your washing machine, room lights, ceiling fans, coffee maker, and many electronic devices. Not just this but these switches come in a variety of designs. You can pick whatever suits you best.

Like if we see Duluck’s Wi-Fi smart mini plugs, it is the kind of smart plug that will connect to your phone via the internet (Wi-Fi). you can connect your home appliances to this plug and control them. Not just controlling but you can get the track of your devices at any place where there is network availability. Also, one device can support more than one smart plug controller. Because of the usage of smart link technology, you can have easy access to settings. It comes with a time function and to track your energy it has a power indicator too. You can enjoy controlling your appliances without even lifting your leg.

  • Why smart sockets/plugs?

Some of you may think if is it a good option to use smart plugs? Here are some features of smart plugs that may make your question go away.

  1. Your home security will be improved. If you are away from home, say on a vacation, your house can become an easy target for burglars. They can notice the switched off lights and other home appliances. To save you from that smart sockets can be of big help. They do not consume too much electricity and you can even schedule the timing for switching on the appliances. And you will return to a safe home.
  2. Many times people leave home and wonder if they switched off their television, AC, or maybe ceiling fan. But with this smart plug, you can check the status of your appliance and switch it off if you left your home in a hurry. You don’t have to rush back home or think all about this thing the whole day. Just one touch and your work are done.
  3. Voice control is something that we all want. These plugs can work with Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other smart hubs too. Like Duluck’s Wi-Fi smart mini plugs can work with Alexa, Google assistant, Duluck smart speaker, and smartphone.
  4. You can even schedule the shutting down and starting up time for your devices. And because of this, the energy-hogging devices will not consume too much energy.
Duluck Wifi Smart Switch
Duluck Wifi Smart Switch
  • Smart switches

Okay so, what are smart switches? What do we know about them? Well, smart switches are not your ordinary built-in switches, that’s for sure! These switches are installed using your already present in-wall boxes. These switches help you to control switch wired devices and home lighting by using new and better ways. Just like your smart sockets, these smart switches are controlled through an app and connected via the internet. You can use these switches to control your home appliances from anywhere you want.

Duluck smart switches are as amazing as the plugs. They can connect to your phone app via the internet, control the power of your home appliances, track the status of the switch from anywhere (network should be available). they also run on Smart link net tech and have the pretty etc.

  • Why smart switches?

Just like smart plugs, even smart switches have amazing features.

  1. These switches can be voice-controlled and can work with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.
  2. You can control the times of switch-like when to on or off them.
  3. You can set the switches according to your moods like when you are working, sleeping, or watching a movie.
  4. They can also help you with home security just like smart sockets.
  • How to buy a smart switch?

You want to buy a smart switch but don’t know how? Here are some of the qualities you can look for finding the perfect Wi-Fi smart switch for your home.

  1. Go for the switch with a longer lifespan. It is seen that most of the switches have a total of about 2,00,000 clicks.
  2. Safety is always a concern, so you should pick the switches that offer you the same. Go for fire redundant materials and the ones that protect you from any kind of electric shocks.
  3. What do you actually want? Modern switches or the traditional ones? Although people are mostly going for modular switches now. But still, it is good to know what kind of switches do you want to be installed in your house.
  4. The switches should be easy to use and operate. Although modern and smart switches have this and all the above qualities you can always weigh your options.

Smart switches and smart sockets-plugs can really turn your ordinary and boring home into something fun and new. It is like a stepping stone for you to turn your home into a modern smart house. You can look out for all these features mentioned above in your switches and sockets and get the best ones for your house. Now you don’t have to move at all to make your appliances work, just click and go!

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3 IOT gadgets that make fans limitless & regulators useless

These 3 gadgets are all you need to automate your fan and control it in 3 fun ways. Get ready to experience luxury-class service from a middle-class fan.

Have you ever wondered, what if fans could be controlled with a remote, or from your phone, or even with your voice command? Or have you ever wanted to lower the speed of your fan but you didn’t you’re as lazy as a sloth, or there are elders in your house who are not in a position to get up and change the speed or turn on/off the fan on their own?

Then keep on reading this post.

Today we’re going to talk about three IOT gadgets (by Duluck) that automate your fans and make your fan regulators useless to give you a hotel-like luxurious experience from regular middle class fans.

So let’s get started.

Duluck KB01: Duluck KB01 is a wireless fan regulator that allows you to control your fan with a remote control. It is the prerequisite and necessary device that actually does the magic of automating your fan. It is a simple device that comes with a IR powered upper cap which actually takes the signal from the remote (which comes with it btw) and controls your fan. Installing the upper cap is a very simple process and any electrician can do it by watching just this simple video.

Once it’s active it is all set to take command from the remote that comes along with it (with batteries). It can take command from a long distance as KB01 has a range of 20 feet. It’s compatible with all modern day fans and it also has an easy-bypass feature just in case if you want to use the regular regulator to use your fan.

In short, a click on the remote button enables you to control your fan, which is nothing less than a hotel-like experience.

RM Mini
kb01-Ceiling fan remote controller

Duluck RM Mini 3 + Duluck KB01: Now you know about KB01. Let’s tell you about the RM Mini 3 which is a universal remote controller that can be paired with Duluck KB01 and make your fan controllable with your phone.

So what you have to do is that simply fair your Duluck RM mini with Duluck KB01. After that you need to install the broadlink app and voila! You’re all set to control your fan with your phone.

Not just fan, you can pair Duluck RM Mini with pretty much every remote controllable appliance like TV, AC,  from anywhere.

Now whenever you come home from anywhere you can just turn on your AC before you reach home to enter into a chilled room like a boss.

Please note that the RM Mini requires a steady internet connection like a WiFi to run smoothly.

RM Mini
kb01-Ceiling fan remote controller
Humpty dumpty

Duluck Humpty Dumpty + Duluck RM Mini 3 + Duluck KB01: Now this is a trio from Duluck that enables you to control your fan with just a voice command. You will still be able to remote control your fan with remote and your phone but the added Duluck Humpty Dumpty which is an Alex enabled smart speaker

Now how it works is that you need to pair the Humpty Dumpty Alexa Smart Speaker with RM Mini 3 and you’re all set to give voice commands to your fan and as a matter of fact any Remote Controllable appliance.

Giving voice commands to your fan is a very exclusive experience you only get in a luxury 7 star suite. With Duluck you can experience it everyday at a fraction of the cost of such a stay and that too when you choose to buy all there together. Individual purchases of each of gadgets especially Duluck KB01 wireless fan controller is way affordable

Join the Duluck tribe and experience how fun, timing saving, and convenient it is to use Duluck Ecosystem. We aim to make your life easier with our IOT Smart Home Gadgets.

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5 cool must-have home automation electricals

  • Smart Plug
  • Multimedia Switch
  • Remote Fan Regulator controller system
  • Wifi Switch
  • Smart Screen

Here are 5 cool home automation electricals everybody should have in their home:

WiFi Smart Plug: Gone are the days when you would forget to turn off/turn on any appliances. Smart Plugs solve this problem very easily. These are just like a normal extension socket that lets you plug in any appliance, except they are powered with a WiFi ability.

It simply connects to your home WiFi and you can turn on/off anything with a click of a button or voice command when connected to a smart speaker. Good Smart Plugs also allow you to schedule a time to turn on and turn off things.

For instance, you can schedule a time to turn on/off the geyser and water motor, especially if you forget a lot to turn off the geyser and turn on the motor at the right time.

Simply put, Smart Plugs can automate any electrical appliance. All you have to do is simply plug & play.

Smart Plug

Multimedia Switches: Let’s face this, no one likes having cords lying around. They make your setup look shabby and full of clutter. Planning to have a few multimedia switches throughout your home can help reduce that clutter and make your life a lot easier. 

We recommend you have these multimedia switches behind the TVs because that’s where the most cord clutter is. Now you can hang your flat screen nice & tidy against the wall.

Remote Fan Regulator Controller System: This is another cool electrical gadget that saves time and makes an appliance like a ceiling fan, fun to use. This gadget simply makes your fan remote controllable. It comes with an upper cap that needs to be installed on top of the fan and any electrician can install it.

Once installed, it turns a regular ceiling fan into a remote control-enabled ceiling fan. Now you can regulate the speed of your fan with remote control (which comes in the box). Now the elders in your home don’t need to worry about calling someone to adjust the fan speed and you also don’t need to bother yourself to get up and move.

Remote Fan controller
WiFi Switch

WiFi Switches: Just like Smart plugs, WiFi switches for home are also a new concept. These switches come with a WiFi functionality that simply connects to your home WiFi and lets you control your home appliances with just a click of a button. 

Installation of WiFi switches doesn’t require any changes in the wiring, they fit well in the existing wiring channel, but you would need an electrician to do that for you.

WiFi Switches for home use Smart Link net technology you can easily access settings, besides, it has timing function you can DIY for your favorite and power indicator for your energy tracking and it also lets you have fun on local or remote control your home appliances, enjoy with it. Now lights, fans, TV, and pretty much every electric appliance is just a click or voice command away.

Smart Screen: These days home automation is in vogue and the future of it are smart screens. Smart Screens are a medium to house and give you control of all the Home Automation gadgets like Smart Switches, Plugs, etc. 

Smart Screens can take both voice command and manual button-click control. Besides, they also come with Alexa or Google Assistant built-in and some (like ours) come with both of them built-in. So that makes a smart screen a perfect option for other use cases like productivity, entertainment, and assistance. So in a nutshell. Smart Screens can prove to be an excellent house aid and a friend to turn to when you are bored and this makes it a must-have item in a home. 

smart screen

So there you have it, these are the 5 cool must-have electricals to buy when moving into a new house or upgrading your existing one.

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The Best Smart Screen with Alexa Smart Speaker

A smart screen is for you if you want to have a convenient smart assistant with an added bonus of having something to look at. It is amazing how putting Amazon’s Alexa into a tablet type screen makes it a perfect smart assistant that allows you to check weather, set up your calendar, cook your favorite dishes, watch your daily soaps, and help you control your home with just your voice command.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our own Smart Screen with Alexa Smart Speaker, Duluck Clazio, your personal and private entertainment hub with touch screen controlled functions along with Alexa built-in and (here’s a twist) Ok Google Assistant.

Yes! It is India’s first Smart Screen that has both Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant. So the debate of “which is better?” ends at Duluck Clazio.

smart screen

Features of Duluck Clazio:

Entertainment Hub: As we have mentioned before,  Duluck Clazio is a perfect private entertainment hub with a vibrant 7” Full HD screen to watch your favorite movies, web series, daily soaps on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Sony LIV, and Voot.

High Quality Sound: Duluck Clazio comes with High Quality Stereo Sound with an impressive sound quality that is amazing enough to set the music for any scene.

Mini Desktop: It is also a mini-desktop workstation as it allows you to connect to your TV and Projector using HDMI so that you can enjoy working on that bigger screen.

Multiple Features: Entertainment “Anything”, “Anytime”, “Anywhere” with battery backup. It’s powered by an octa-core processor. Excellent audio and video quality. It’s with 2 x 5w speakers.

Handles daily applications smartly: Duluck Clazio allows you to set reminders and maintain a daily track list of your activities, maintain your shopping list, and voice control your home appliances by pairing itself to our Duluck Smart Plug and Duluck Smart Switches.

Home Automation: Duluck Clazio is a perfect home automation gadget that comes with Built-in Alexa voice assistant and Google Assistant to control your home via acting upon your voice commands.

Some of the best applications of its use.

  1. For E-Learning
  2. For Entertainment
  3. For Home Automation
  4. For Office Meetings
  5. For Daily Productivity
  6. For Video Calling
  7. For Office work

Technical Specifications:

  1. Model No.: MA-717
  2. Full Body Dimensions : 7.6 x 4.4 x 7.3 inches
  3. Digital Display Dimensions: 5.8 X 3.6 Inches
  4. Item weight : 0.8 kg net, 1.2 kg Gross
  5. Storage : 16 GB
  6. Screen Resolution : 1920 x 1200
  7. Screen diagonal size : 7″ Display Capacitive multi-touch screen
  8. Battery : 2500mah
  9. Charging time : 3.5 Hours with screen at sleep mode
  10. Standby time : 5.5 Hour
  11. Extend card : TF card (max to 32GB)
  12. Environmental Conditions: Working Temperature 0 deg to 51 deg

Basic Requirements for smooth functioning of Duluck Clazio.

  • WI-FI network
  • DULUCK Alexa Enabled device
  • Power Adapter
  • Power source for power adopter
    230v 60Hz

In the end, we can proudly say that Duluck Clazio is the best smart screen with Alexa Smart Speaker you can find. It has something for everyone. For kids, it turns into an E-Learning Gadget, for housewives it becomes their kitchen partner, for working professionals it becomes their productivity partner and as a whole it can also auto-control your home with a simple voice instruction.

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Top 3 Best Bluetooth Speakers by Duluck

Duluck is one of the emerging Home Automation brands which makes Home Automation Solutions that are designed to cruise you through your routine seamlessly. We make all things Home Automation. From Smart Bluetooth Speakers to Smart Plugs and from Smart Screens to Smart Switches. We have got it all to make your life simple, easy, and a little bit fun.

Today let’s show you our range of Bluetooth Speakers. First of all, each of our Bluetooth speakers is more than just a regular Bluetooth speaker. It is way more than that. Being a Bluetooth speaker is just a simple feature of each Smart Bluetooth speaker.

So you might as well call our Bluetooth speakers, Smart Speakers.

Let’s dive in:

1. Humpty Dumpty: Humpty dumpty is a beautiful voice-controlled Bluetooth speaker with a great battery backup of 2000 mah to party all-night!

It can make an area of 12 ft grove on its beats. Yes! It can throw audio up to 12 feet. It’s that loud!  It also has a 10w subwoofer installed for those deep basses that we all like.

The audio is crisp and clear and you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and have your music the way you like.


It is more than just a Bluetooth Speaker. It can listen, speak, think and reply to your commands. It’s “Almost Human”. With Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant. You can ask it to play music of all times Or any decade, find recipes, catch up on the latest news, and even control smart home appliances.

It’s completely hands-free and It comes with Amazon Alexa to voice control smart home devices, set reminders for tasks to increase your productivity, play music, read the news, and more.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: DULUCK
  • Model No.: WB-39
  • Audio frequency response: 60HZ-15KHZ
  • Battery: 2000mah
  • Effective distance: Up to 12ft Audio
  • Output power: 10W with subwoofer
  • Operation type: Touch the key, Voice control
  • Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240v 50-60HZ
  • Power Adapter Output: DC 5V-2A

2. Black Beauty: As the name suggests, this is the most elegant Bluetooth Smart Speaker of all time. But it’s not just pretty. Duluck Black Beauty has more than 2x battery backup than its previous counterpart Humpty Dumpty.

So if you want to connect your phone and get a long battery backup that gives you a good 1-2 hours of listening for 1-2 days then Black Beauty is for you.

Apart from the battery, the quality of music on Black Beauty is also 2x better than its little counterpart Humpty Dumpty.

Deep bass and Sharp yet clear audio are the common things that you should expect from Black Beauty.

BTW, as we have said before. Black Beauty is also more than just a Bluetooth Speaker. It is a Smart Bluetooth Speaker that comes with Amazon Alexa and WiFi connectivity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: DULUCK
  • Nickname: Duluck-Black Beauty
  • Model No.: L-2018
  • Audio frequency response: 60HZ-15KHZ
  • Effective distance: Up to 12ft Audio
  • Output power: 10W
  • Operation type: Touch the key, Voice control
  • Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240v 50-60HZ
  • Power Adapter Output: DC 5V-2A
  • Battery : 4400mah

3. Masterpiece: Duluck Masterpiece is the third and the best Bluetooth Speaker. It is probably the first Bluetooth Speaker that also becomes a lamp. And not just a simple lamp. It is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Speaker that also has a Smart Multicolored Lamp.

And that’s not all. It is probably also the first Bluetooth speaker to have a Smart Digital Clock.

The audio on this is simply a Masterpiece. Just plug it in and enjoy endless hours of music (It can also control your Smart Home Appliances via voice command).

Plus now you finally have a Bluetooth Smart Speaker that can also give you the mood lighting 😉

Just ask Alexa!

Technical Specifications of Masterpiece:

  • Brand: DULUCK
  • Nickname: Duluck-Masterpiece
  • Model No.: A104
  • Audio frequency response: 60HZ-15KHZ
  • Effective distance: Up to 12ft Audio
  • Output power: 10W
  • Operation type: Touch the key, Voice control
  • Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240v 50-60HZ
  • Power Adapter Output : DC 12V-2A
  • Digital clock

So these are our very own Smart Bluetooth Speakers. But we have said it and we’ll say it again. Being a Bluetooth speaker is just their part-time job 😉

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Duluck RM Mini 3 – Wi-Fi IR Remote Features:- Act Smart with Voice Command Home…


Duluck RM Mini 3 – Wi-Fi IR Remote

😎Act Smart with Voice Command
🏠Home Automation
💡Alexa- Enabled
👀 Google Assitant

Buy Now –

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Duluck RM Mini 3 ( IR Wifi Remote ) & Duluck KB01 ( Ceiling Fan Remote Regulator…


Duluck RM Mini 3 ( IR Wifi Remote ) & Duluck KB01 ( Ceiling Fan Remote Regulator )

Buy Now –

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World Population Day ## #worldpopulationday #population #worldpopulation #popul…


World Population Day ##

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Duluck WIFI SMART SWITCH Model No.: APS-1604 Features:- Act Smart with Voice Co…


Duluck WIFI SMART SWITCH Model No.: APS-1604

😎Act Smart with Voice Command
🏠Home Automation
👀Google Assistant

Buy Now –

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