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Top 3 Best Bluetooth Speakers by Duluck

Duluck is one of the emerging Home Automation brands which makes Home Automation Solutions that are designed to cruise you through your routine seamlessly. We make all things Home Automation. From Smart Bluetooth Speakers to Smart Plugs and from Smart Screens to Smart Switches. We have got it all to make your life simple, easy, and a little bit fun.

Today let’s show you our range of Bluetooth Speakers. First of all, each of our Bluetooth speakers is more than just a regular Bluetooth speaker. It is way more than that. Being a Bluetooth speaker is just a simple feature of each Smart Bluetooth speaker.

So you might as well call our Bluetooth speakers, Smart Speakers.

Let’s dive in:

1. Humpty Dumpty: Humpty dumpty is a beautiful voice-controlled Bluetooth speaker with a great battery backup of 2000 mah to party all-night!

It can make an area of 12 ft grove on its beats. Yes! It can throw audio up to 12 feet. It’s that loud!  It also has a 10w subwoofer installed for those deep basses that we all like.

The audio is crisp and clear and you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and have your music the way you like.


It is more than just a Bluetooth Speaker. It can listen, speak, think and reply to your commands. It’s “Almost Human”. With Built-in Alexa Voice Assistant. You can ask it to play music of all times Or any decade, find recipes, catch up on the latest news, and even control smart home appliances.

It’s completely hands-free and It comes with Amazon Alexa to voice control smart home devices, set reminders for tasks to increase your productivity, play music, read the news, and more.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: DULUCK
  • Model No.: WB-39
  • Audio frequency response: 60HZ-15KHZ
  • Battery: 2000mah
  • Effective distance: Up to 12ft Audio
  • Output power: 10W with subwoofer
  • Operation type: Touch the key, Voice control
  • Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240v 50-60HZ
  • Power Adapter Output: DC 5V-2A

2. Black Beauty: As the name suggests, this is the most elegant Bluetooth Smart Speaker of all time. But it’s not just pretty. Duluck Black Beauty has more than 2x battery backup than its previous counterpart Humpty Dumpty.

So if you want to connect your phone and get a long battery backup that gives you a good 1-2 hours of listening for 1-2 days then Black Beauty is for you.

Apart from the battery, the quality of music on Black Beauty is also 2x better than its little counterpart Humpty Dumpty.

Deep bass and Sharp yet clear audio are the common things that you should expect from Black Beauty.

BTW, as we have said before. Black Beauty is also more than just a Bluetooth Speaker. It is a Smart Bluetooth Speaker that comes with Amazon Alexa and WiFi connectivity.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand: DULUCK
  • Nickname: Duluck-Black Beauty
  • Model No.: L-2018
  • Audio frequency response: 60HZ-15KHZ
  • Effective distance: Up to 12ft Audio
  • Output power: 10W
  • Operation type: Touch the key, Voice control
  • Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240v 50-60HZ
  • Power Adapter Output: DC 5V-2A
  • Battery : 4400mah

3. Masterpiece: Duluck Masterpiece is the third and the best Bluetooth Speaker. It is probably the first Bluetooth Speaker that also becomes a lamp. And not just a simple lamp. It is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Speaker that also has a Smart Multicolored Lamp.

And that’s not all. It is probably also the first Bluetooth speaker to have a Smart Digital Clock.

The audio on this is simply a Masterpiece. Just plug it in and enjoy endless hours of music (It can also control your Smart Home Appliances via voice command).

Plus now you finally have a Bluetooth Smart Speaker that can also give you the mood lighting 😉

Just ask Alexa!

Technical Specifications of Masterpiece:

  • Brand: DULUCK
  • Nickname: Duluck-Masterpiece
  • Model No.: A104
  • Audio frequency response: 60HZ-15KHZ
  • Effective distance: Up to 12ft Audio
  • Output power: 10W
  • Operation type: Touch the key, Voice control
  • Power Adapter Input: AC 100-240v 50-60HZ
  • Power Adapter Output : DC 12V-2A
  • Digital clock

So these are our very own Smart Bluetooth Speakers. But we have said it and we’ll say it again. Being a Bluetooth speaker is just their part-time job 😉

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Smart Switches and Sockets for a Smart Home

If you want to covert your home into a smart home then you can go for smart switches and sockets. Wi-Fi switches and sockets can be a really good start for this. You can smarten up your normal, non-smart devices by using these sockets and switches. In this article let’s talk about the smart switch and sockets.

The easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to have smart control over your house is by using smart switches and sockets. So what actually are smart switches and sockets?

You can have the power of turning your normal devices into smart ones and control them even without doing much. How? Let’s see that.

  • Smart sockets
Duluck Wifi Smart Mini Plug
Duluck Wifi Smart Mini Plug

You might be wondering what a smart socket is. Smart sockets can be explained as small, travel adapters like devices in which you can plug in your device, connect it to a wall socket. It will make your ordinary device into a smart one. These plugs are connected to an app on your mobile phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Because of this, you can control your device, even if you re not there. By using these smart sockets you can control your washing machine, room lights, ceiling fans, coffee maker, and many electronic devices. Not just this but these switches come in a variety of designs. You can pick whatever suits you best.

Like if we see Duluck’s Wi-Fi smart mini plugs, it is the kind of smart plug that will connect to your phone via the internet (Wi-Fi). you can connect your home appliances to this plug and control them. Not just controlling but you can get the track of your devices at any place where there is network availability. Also, one device can support more than one smart plug controller. Because of the usage of smart link technology, you can have easy access to settings. It comes with a time function and to track your energy it has a power indicator too. You can enjoy controlling your appliances without even lifting your leg.

  • Why smart sockets/plugs?

Some of you may think if is it a good option to use smart plugs? Here are some features of smart plugs that may make your question go away.

  1. Your home security will be improved. If you are away from home, say on a vacation, your house can become an easy target for burglars. They can notice the switched off lights and other home appliances. To save you from that smart sockets can be of big help. They do not consume too much electricity and you can even schedule the timing for switching on the appliances. And you will return to a safe home.
  2. Many times people leave home and wonder if they switched off their television, AC, or maybe ceiling fan. But with this smart plug, you can check the status of your appliance and switch it off if you left your home in a hurry. You don’t have to rush back home or think all about this thing the whole day. Just one touch and your work are done.
  3. Voice control is something that we all want. These plugs can work with Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other smart hubs too. Like Duluck’s Wi-Fi smart mini plugs can work with Alexa, Google assistant, Duluck smart speaker, and smartphone.
  4. You can even schedule the shutting down and starting up time for your devices. And because of this, the energy-hogging devices will not consume too much energy.
Duluck Wifi Smart Switch
Duluck Wifi Smart Switch
  • Smart switches

Okay so, what are smart switches? What do we know about them? Well, smart switches are not your ordinary built-in switches, that’s for sure! These switches are installed using your already present in-wall boxes. These switches help you to control switch wired devices and home lighting by using new and better ways. Just like your smart sockets, these smart switches are controlled through an app and connected via the internet. You can use these switches to control your home appliances from anywhere you want.

Duluck smart switches are as amazing as the plugs. They can connect to your phone app via the internet, control the power of your home appliances, track the status of the switch from anywhere (network should be available). they also run on Smart link net tech and have the pretty etc.

  • Why smart switches?

Just like smart plugs, even smart switches have amazing features.

  1. These switches can be voice-controlled and can work with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.
  2. You can control the times of switch-like when to on or off them.
  3. You can set the switches according to your moods like when you are working, sleeping, or watching a movie.
  4. They can also help you with home security just like smart sockets.
  • How to buy a smart switch?

You want to buy a smart switch but don’t know how? Here are some of the qualities you can look for finding the perfect Wi-Fi smart switch for your home.

  1. Go for the switch with a longer lifespan. It is seen that most of the switches have a total of about 2,00,000 clicks.
  2. Safety is always a concern, so you should pick the switches that offer you the same. Go for fire redundant materials and the ones that protect you from any kind of electric shocks.
  3. What do you actually want? Modern switches or the traditional ones? Although people are mostly going for modular switches now. But still, it is good to know what kind of switches do you want to be installed in your house.
  4. The switches should be easy to use and operate. Although modern and smart switches have this and all the above qualities you can always weigh your options.

Smart switches and smart sockets-plugs can really turn your ordinary and boring home into something fun and new. It is like a stepping stone for you to turn your home into a modern smart house. You can look out for all these features mentioned above in your switches and sockets and get the best ones for your house. Now you don’t have to move at all to make your appliances work, just click and go!

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Portable Gaming Console for Kids- Duluck Clazio


Regardless of whether you need versatility, computer generated reality, or family-accommodating games, our brilliant screen offer a scope of choices to suit your needs. In the event that your children are at the age where you’re thinking about purchasing a game support, presently may be the ideal time. the present consoles offer more  authenticity, intelligence, and adaptability than any time in recent memory. The inquiry still remains: Which support is best for your family’s needs? Duluck Clazio Smart Screen satisfies are the necessities.  It’s a mini Portable Tv with Alexa Built-in and Google Assistant.

Clazio, the smart screen with display gives you an option to study, learn cooking, learn dancing etc. with video. Not just this, it is also a wifi extender. And as we mentioned above our all smart devices are made for home automation and come with free installation and 1 year free warranty.

It’s a keen smart tablet which has Firm Gripping. It tends to be utilized as a simple convenient excitement gadget in any event, for the grown-ups to watch cricket, get the hang of cooking and so forth.

It has an extraordinary and agreeable workstation see with alexa speaker.

It’s smart screen display with Full HD Eye Catching makes it all the more intriguing and it’s super safe for your kids.

You can consider it a portable Entertainment.

Be that as it may, tablets are delicate, costly contraptions with possibly boundless access to the web, the two issues that I’ve attempted to avoid in my child rearing. A decent child tablet is not the same as a decent grown-up tablet: But now all features of child tablet and grown up  tablet has come together.    Your need of adult tablet and for children  is fulfilled with  modest, rough, and ensured. Most loved tablets for youngsters and for adults,chosen for a balance of affordability, durability, and kid-friendly features. . Here’s a snappy walkthrough to  conclude which is best for you and your kid.


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Alexa versus Google Assistant

Google Assistant and  Alexa are the two most mainstream advanced collaborators around, however which is best in 2020? Our Google Assistant versus  Alexa direct uncovers all.


Truly, Google and Amazon are especially at war in 2020, competing for control of your lounge room, kitchen and (at all dodgy way that is available) room with their individual AI aides.

We should begin with the genuine nuts and bolts to evade any perplexity, since this is a zone where a few tech-y terms converge. Google Assistant is the AI-fueled programming you converse with when utilizing a speaker, or when you long-press the Home catch in late Android telephones. It’s Google’s Siri, on the off chance that you like.


Alexa is an innovation and what you converse with when utilizing a Duluck smart speaker, or a duluck smart  screen speakers.

If you want to dim the lights with a voice command, or get a traffic update, you often have a choice of which assistant to use. Both are supported by a wide range of third-party smart home products and speakers.

Google Assistant versus Alexa – How smart would they say they are?


Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are getting more smarter continuously. Be that as it may, I discover Assistant the more common of the two to utilize.


While Alexa has improved as of late, with the capacity to translate your inquiries dependent on those you’ve just posed, at this moment  now Assistant knows more thanks to Google owning the internet search space for what seems like forever. Questions to Assistant are less likely to be met with a, “Sorry, I don’t know that one” response, which can bring an abrupt end to the illusion you’re dealing with something intelligent.


For instance, Google Assistant doesn’t bomb when asked, “When are UK assesses due?”, yet Alexa does. Likewise, state “I don’t like this one”, when playing a Spotify song and Assistant will jump to another track. Alexa, then again, lets you know: “Thumbs up and down are not supported on Spotify”. Much appreciated, that is genuine helpful!


In case you’re after an advanced aide, for example, those that component in mainstream science fiction films, Google Assistant is obviously ahead at present.


Be that as it may, Alexa is ahead in a trite yet – shockingly – significant way. Alexa’s ‘wake word’, which is the thing that you state to make a brilliant speaker start tuning in, is to a lesser extent a significant piece than Google’s. “Alexa” is basically simpler to state than “OK , Google”, which is a vowel salad.

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Best smart speaker with display for 2020

Best Smart Speaker with display

Savvy speakers are mainstream, and in light of current circumstances: notwithstanding playing music, you can ask a brilliant speaker an inquiry, and it answers back. Yet, speakers are restricted to mentioning to you what you need as opposed to indicating you.


The idea of “appear, don’t tell” is an essential principle for authors, and it’s additionally a significant rule for innovation. On the off chance that you need a voice partner to give you things rather than simply instructing them to you, you have to make a stride past savvy speakers to smart presentations.

Savvy shows are fit specialized gadgets. you can get to YouTube, including live TV through YouTube TV and music through YouTube Music. Inquisitively, Google Assistant lean towards getting to media through those administrations rather than Google’s own Play Music and Play Movies and TV stores. All Google Assistant brilliant speakers and keen showcases are additionally Google Cast perfect, so you can undoubtedly stream media to them from any good versatile application .The normal data and smart home highlights are likewise accessible, and keeping in mind that Google Assistant’s choice of bolstered home mechanization gadgets isn’t exactly as enormous as Alexa’s, it’s somewhat better at managing common language and less meticulous about linguistic structure. You can likewise make telephone calls with these savvy presentations, and video visit through Google Duo.

In case you’re prepared to redesign your brilliant speaker, or you’re simply beginning your shrewd home and you discover the touchscreen engaging, here are the best savvy shows accessible at this point. You can likewise watch shows from your lounge room or some other room and control your brilliant home gadgets, If you need a savvy show that can serve as a speaker, with quality sound, for a gathering, look no more distant than the Duluck Clazio. All things considered, it has the entirety of a similar incredible touchscreen includes as the other Google Assistant models and when you start playing music, the Duluck Clazio shines.  The sound quality is a little bass-substantial, yet it’s loud and full enough to get a room rockin.

It’s an incredible presentation for looking into plans in the kitchen or checking your schedule with a voice order. It’s the most attractive of the pack with a bamboo sponsorship, and you can purchase the gadget with a 7-inch. These are extraordinary for calling loved ones or interfacing with other shows in your home. Be that as it may, on the grounds that this gadget is intended to be room friendly,Who’s it for: People who need a fit smart presentation for the room with the capacity to connection to different cams in the house — yet consistently need ensures about their protection when utilizing such gadgets.

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Voice control- Smart Speakers

voice control smart gadget

The best keen speakers are our most focused devices; they play music, assist us with controlling our savvy home gadgets, and accompany remote helpers prepared to address all our inquiries.

These voice control speakers , which incorporate Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, have surprised our homes. That is on the grounds that they can accomplish such a great deal – they can respond to practically any question, play music, reveal to you the news and control your smart home gadgets.

So in the event that you need assistance finding your next close to home associate, investigate our guide underneath and locate the brilliant speaker that suits your present arrangement, your spending limit and the feel of your home – every one of the speakers are hand-picked by our editors, and keeping in mind that each have geniuses/cons, every one of them are incredible in their own specific manner.

The best-sounding smart speaker available which have Rich sound

Best of Alexa and music and Premium cost.


The unassuming voice controlled speakers has entered a huge number of homes as of now – and in light of current circumstances. It’s a reasonable passage point for those starting their brilliant home, with sound able enough to deal with news, digital recordings, music, or whatever you may be utilizing your AI voice hireling for.


With milder texture looks than the more modern prior models, In-built Alexa appears to be more at home in a lounge room than any time in recent memory – while new AI capacities have presented voice profile highlights and more variety with regards to changing voice speed.

Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri? The initial phase in picking an AI partner is choosing which voice help stage is an ideal choice for your home. The subsequent advance is getting extraordinary compared to other savvy speakers we’ve tried.


What Can Smart Speakers Do?


Speakers that discussion to us have been around for a considerable length of time. Speakers that we can converse with, then again, are still quite new. On account of voice control speakers , you can get a keen speaker that won’t simply play music, yet will do whatever you tell it to. Brilliant speakers aren’t stunning conversationalists, however they can disclose to you the climate, help you to remember arrangements, control your smart home gadgets, and even request pizza for you. Everything seemingly began with the Amazon Echo, however there are presently many distinctive speakers to look over, and we’ve accumulated the best ones here. Before picking a speaker, in any case, you have to pick a voice colleague.


Make proper acquaintance with Your New Voice Assistant


As our homes get more brilliant, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri have become our solid computerized partners, living inside our gadgets and seizing our expressed directions to set clocks, play music, and show kids how to spell those troublesome schoolwork words.


In case you’re thinking about a voice help stage, you’ll need to pick a camp. The top decisions don’t work very well together, and on the off chance that you need to prepare different rooms, you should adhere to a solitary stage. This guide will clarify the different alternatives and assist you with picking the one that best addresses your issues, alongside the correct gadgets for your home.


Right now, we suggest Alexa for individuals who are into brilliant home arrangements, as it’s the best voice collaborator when working with a wide scope of keen home gadgets, including TV boxes. Google Assistant is our pick for progressively essential, music-and-questions centered keen speaker use. You’ll wind up utilizing Siri if your entire life is Apple.


Voice colleagues have risen up out of two unmistakable spots, however now they’ve generally combined. Alexa on the Duluck speakers presented the possibility of a voice-controlled speaker, and has since been added to duluck gadgets speakers. Since it began a speaker, the vast majority at first idea of it as an approach to play spilling music.

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gadget for home automation

Searching for a blessing thought for your educated tech savy loved ones? What about keen IoT based home automation devices? Such advanced contraptions ease people groups lives, empower consistently on stimulation and help robotize home tasks.

That is not every one of, these devices won’t even be a weight on your pocket. Do you think that its intriguing? To locate the ideal present for your loved ones.
To all the tech savy friends and family members. Here is a solution for making your life easier.
It shapes the intellect of a savvy home that enables you to screen and control all the smart gadgets in your home. Utilizing this friend portable application, you can control lights, locks, cameras, indoor regulators and much more gadgets at your home from any place.

Its very own brilliant home innovation for voice-controlled amusement and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Fueled by the Google Associate, this gadget carries the intensity of Google’s man-made intelligence to your home same as Google Presently deals with your telephone.

You can pose inquiries, tune in to music, get climate and traffic refreshes, set alerts and updates, control other IoT gadgets and do significantly more with this Google tech.

It is your simple to-utilize all inclusive home control framework.
A Keen Wi-Fi Switches can control the power at home with your cell phone application or even the catch on the divider. This switch is wired into the electrical framework, which has a worked in Wi-Fi connector. The electrical framework controls the progression of electrical power, and the implicit Wi-Fi connector associates with a nearby system so as to speak with your cell phone application.
For a healthy work-life balance, the time at home is valuable. Smart home gadgets automate and expedite home processes. The best smart home devices save time and money to focus on the moments that matter most.
Factors to consider when building your smart home:

1. Power Disruptions

During power blackouts, you’ll need to ensure that your savvy home gadgets have a reinforcement control framework to keep your home running regularly. Fortunately, most keen home gadgets keep on working regularly and have calculated power blackouts into thought. But, if your smart home gadgets don’t have a backup battery, consider add-ons or other manual backup options to keep your home safe.


SMART HOME GADGET are intended to give simplicity and productivity. When thinking about smart home gadgets, think about the similarity to different gadgets inside the home. Answer a couple of brisk inquiries before purchasing smart home gadgets. Will it effectively interface with other smart hardware? Is it simple to utilize? Does the gadget set aside you time and cash? With numerous alternatives to browse, you’ll need to get the best deal that will spare you both time and cash.

Duluck brings to you an exclusive range of Voice Controlled Speakers and Wifi Gadgets. Our smart controllers and speakers can turn your home into a smart home. Our smart speakers are Alexa enabled and can be used for home automation as well. In this new era of technology we have to move ahead with the latest technology and that’s what we do for you.

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Smart Wi-Fi Switches, Plugs, and Sockets

A Smart Wi-Fi Switches can control the power at home with your smartphone application or even the button on the wall. This switch is wired into the electrical system, which has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. The electrical system controls the flow of electrical power, and the built-in Wi-Fi adapter connects to a local network in order to communicate with your smartphone application.


Smart Wi-Fi Switches are beneficial for you, and the benefits of using smart Wi-Fi Switches are the following:

  • Convenient since you have control options.
  • Secured and Safe.
  • You can choose between the wall or an app.
  • Home networks keep it working.

The basic features which a smart Wi-Fi switch has are listed below:

  • You can use the smart speaker for voice control.
  • Use your smartphone as a remote control.
  • You can create time-based schedules.
  • Set up different scenes, and “moods” are possible.


Smart plugs are one of those smart devices that can be found at home which can be controlled using your smartphones. Smart plugs are plug-in outlets that you will be plugging directly in a wall outlet or the traditional power strips where they have their own outlet where you will plug it into a device you wish to automate. The smart plug does not get you to gain or lose any outlets by plugging one into it; you are just simply making an existing outlet smart by just simply connecting it to the Wi-Fi network at your home.

Using a smart plug lets you use your phone to control the power. Scheduling is also possible with smart plugs. You just have to program it. Smart plugs come with different shapes and sizes. This is a basic device that is present in any smart home.

When you use smart plugs you can enjoy the following: Waking up with smart plugs which helps you on doing your daily morning routine; you can enjoy the pre-heated hair irons if you preset the smart plugs on the time that you’d do that; You can dinner even when you’re at your work; Your tumble dryer can be switched off overnight; Have the control over your kids’ consoles and TV; Have a warm space in winter; With your smart plug you can save money when you had your electronic purchase; and, Everything can be switched off when you fall asleep.

The basic features that a smart plug has are:

  • It can be controlled anywhere.
  • Schedules can be set.
  • It can be controlled with voice.

Smart Sockets or Outlets can turn on and off your home appliances through a voice command, but not all devices work with smart sockets. This device mostly works the same, and you will plug it in an existing outlet, then set it up to your Wi-Fi network at home, then you can start plugging some devices into the smart outlet to begin controlling the devices from your smartphone using some app. Devices can only be controlled by smart outlet if it is plugged in on the outlet at all times.

The benefit you get in using smart outlets is that it reduces your energy bills. It also makes your life easier. They are convenient since it keeps the unused appliances turned off reducing its “standby” consumption. With internet connection you can easily turn the devices on and off anywhere you are. Smart Sockets also have the same basic features as smart plugs.

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All you wanted to know about Voice controlled Smart Speakers in India

A smart speaker is a smart audio playback and wireless device. It uses a few more connectivity for more additional functions. Smart speakers have special features so it could enhance the ease of use, provide more functionality, and it connects to a numerous sorts of audio sources. It typically includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Security and Privacy are concerns of smart speakers, particularly the ones that use a microphone for voice recognition. Voice data are being uploaded by many services through the internet. The companies that produce smart speakers mainly harvest user’s data. It was a concern expressed by privacy experts. Smart Speakers are also termed as virtual assistants.

Below are the lists of the functionality that smart speakers could offer:

  • It controls the smart home devices by using the home automation systems.
  • It can be a music player.
  • It reads current and updated news.
  • It can be used to set reminders and timers or alarm.
  • It answers questions
  • You can make calls with it.
  • It provides you the weather forecast.
  • It provides information and answers to every question you have.

Smart Speakers work with voice recognition. With the use of voice recognition it is very possible that the smart speaker will understand what you have said and act it upon. There are different manufacturers of smart speakers, so it is expected that they also used different unique kinds of voice recognition. Yes there are differences between all smart speakers, but they are similar in terms of their basic concepts. All of the smart speakers wait for their activation words before it does its function. The voice recognition service in a smart speaker grasps the speech from the user and then sends back a response to the smart speaker. This voice recognition service is using an order of algorithms so that the system could be more familiar to the words you use and with your speech patterns. In this way, the system could provide you a better service since it learns how you speak.

Basically, speakers are a music playback system, but smart speakers do not only play the music you like but also give the answers you are asking for. Smart speakers can be considered as central information source. Smart speakers incorporate core features as follows:

Solid Size: Smart speakers should have a compact size, so it can be placed anywhere inside your home. You won’t have problem finding space for it if the smart speaker is small.

Playback of Music: You can play music through Smart speaker, anytime you want. You can play music that you already have just simply connect it to the smart speaker.

Internet: The smart speaker can connect to the internet through the use of the Wi-Fi network at your home.

Music Streaming: You can stream the music you like online and listen to it by using the smart speaker.

Bluetooth: Smart Speakers also provides Bluetooth support. Still, it is optional. It allows you to stream music from an offline source.

Voice Control: Speak commands from the built-in microphones in the smart speaker so it could do its function.

Virtual Home Assistant: As an addition, the smart speaker also functions as a virtual home assistant. As an example, it can control the lighting at your home.