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  • KB-02 Built with “DCFF” technology.
  • Flexibility of operating fan simultaneous with remote and wall regulator at a same time. Fan control using wall switch:-
    • To stop fan, turn wall-mounted-switch once “Off-On” within 3 seconds. (And user can control the fan speed using remote as well).
    • In case remote is lost Or battries dried out, turn wall-switch twice “Off-On-Off-ON” within 3 seconds then the fan will start at “Hi” speed as default speed. (And user can control the fan speed using remote as well). At any stage user can operate fan with “remote” device.

Download Supported App

"User Can control KB-02 by Voice and APP after pairing with Duluck RM Mini 3 and Duluck smart speaker."

Technical Specifications

  • Brand : DULUCK
  • Model No.: KB-02
  • Device Remote has six buttons Off, On, Speed 1, 2, 3, 4
  • One set is combination of two IR-Devices IR-Receiver and IR-Transmitter (Remote).
  • The wall switch is to keep at On position.
  • Wall mounted rotary speed regulator should be set at high point.
  • When ever the fan starts by remote, it starts at last saved speed
  • Dual Feature :- To start turn wall switch ‘’Off-On-Off-On’’ within 3 sec. To stop using wall switch turn ‘’Off-On’’ within 3 sec. User can control fan speed simultaneously with remote and wall mounted rotary regulator
  • In case batteries inside remote gets dried out or remote gets misplaced, user can ‘’Off-On-Off-On’’ wall switch to bypass remote receiver and control his ceiling fan speed using wall rotary regulator
  • Note : On remote, if user press “off” button repeatedly, the fan should remain in the state of off position. And If we press “On” button repeatedly, the fan should remain in the state of “On” position.
  • Use two AAA batteries in remote device.
  • Simple installation : Two wires for input L and N and two wires for output to ceiling fan and a sensor.
  • Input : 180V-240V (50Hz/60Hz), Ceiling fan : 100W, (Maximum) and 450 RPM (Maximum)
  • Output : 220V-240V (50Hz/60Hz)
  • Operational distance : 1ft. to 20ft.(Depending upon battery condition inside hand remote)

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