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Both Can be control by Voice and APP after pairing with Duluck RM Mini 3 and Duluck smart speaker.

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Compatible with most normal Ceiling Fans and make any ceiling fan Remote Controlled. It can be easily fit in fan’s upper cap by any electrician. It can control and regulate speed using hand remote. After Pairing With Duluck-RM-Mini-3, Works perfectly with Duluck-Smart-Speaker, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant. Also can be control using Broadlink App in your smartphone.


Compatible with most Ceiling Fans and make any ceiling fan Remote Controlled. No need to change existing wiring. It has no humming sound.

Long working distance

The receiver device can be operated by hand remotr from max. distance of 20 feets. Saves save electricity,

Easy By-Pass Feature

In case remote gets misplaced user can use “by-pas”s feature to control ceiling fan speed using the wall mounted rotary regulator as usual. Use 2 x AAA battries in Hand remote.

Simultaneously Tri Control

1) Hand remote control
2) Voice Control
3) App control

Future Ready

After pairing with Duluck-RM Mini3, it Works perfectly with Duluck smart speaker, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google Nest

Remote Fan Regulator

Duluck is a well-established firm and aims to empower their users with self-reliance in operating their commonly used devices in their home with the infusion of Smart Technology. Till now we most commonly accessed few devices with the Remote Regulator, but who could have thought you could access Fan with the use of  Duluck’s Remote Fan Regulator. If you wanted to turn your fan on or off while sitting at your comfortable couch, then Duluck is here to present you with the easy to handle and most compatible Remote Fan Regulator. It will not only enable you to perform various functions while serving you at your convenience and comfort. Duluck has designed this Remote Fan Regulator aligning with the needs of its user and demands of the market. Currently, in this AI-enabled technology, we are here to offer your conventional lifestyle the taste of smart technology-driven equipment.

The most amazing part of Remote Fan Regulator is its hassle-free installation. It puts you in an advantageous position by ensuring smooth functioning with even most commonly found Ceiling Fans turning it into Remote Fan Regulator enabled. We provide an upper cap which is required to be installed at the fan which is itself an easy to install saving you all the troubles. You will be able to access various functions like switching on and off and along with regulating the speed of the fan as per your needs using Remote.

Another breakthrough advantage of Duluck’s Remote Fan Regulator is its ability to connect and pair up with Duluck-RM-Mini-3, it’s working is enhanced manifold because of its compatibility with Duluck’s Smart Speaker. Once it’s connected, it will be able to receive voice commands via Alexa enabled Duluck’s Smart Speakers. There is also the alternate way you can go for which is through Broadlink Application in your smartphone which is again best and easily controlled method. It also supports connectivity through Amazon Alexa, Echo, IFTTT, Google Nest and Google Assistant-enabled devices.

The Remote Fan Regulator performs excellently even in distant positions with its maximum capacity being 20 feet. With its sustainable feature, our Duluck’s Remote Fan Regulator aims to save electricity with minimum leakage and feasibility in performance. With low maintenance record and smooth functioning, Duluck’s Remote Fan Regulator has already become the user’s preferred choice in terms of distinctive Smart Technology-enabled equipment. On top of that, it also serves right to their users by providing the most affordable choices available in the market to make their every penny spent worth.

With the help of Duluck’s Remote Fan Regulator, we intend to enhance the lives of our users in the best way. The provision of the best products keeps us going and enabling the technology challenging people to lead a comfortable life with its easy accessibility. And another major advantage is our affordable devices without burning the user’s pocket budget and living up to their expectations. Keeping the basic structure intact and embellishing them with high-quality technology devices, so that our users don’t feel alienated and function their conventional devices with much confidence and smartly.

Additional information






180V-240V (50Hz/60Hz), Ceiling fan : 100W, (Maximum) and 450 RPM (Maximum)


220V-240V (50Hz/60Hz)

Operational distance

1ft. to 20ft.(Depending upon battery condition inside hand remote)

Simple installation

Two wires for input L and N and two wires for output to ceiling fan and a sensor.

Bypass feature

By turning wall switch ‘’Off & On’’ quickly user can bypass IR-Receiver and can control fan speed using wall mounted speed regulator.


On remote, if user press “off” button repeatedly, the fan should remain in the state of off position. And If we press “On” button repeatedly, the fan should remain in the state of “On” position.
Use two AAA batteries in remote device.

Additional Features

Device Remote has four buttons Off , Med, Lo, On/Hi.
One set is combination of two IR-Devices IR-Receiver and IR-Transmitter (Remote).
The wall switch is to keep at On position.
Wall mounted rotary speed regulator should be set at high point.
When ever the fan starts by remote, it starts at Hi speed
Use two AAA batteries in remote device.
Simple installation : Two wires for input L and N and two wires for output to ceiling fan and a sensor.


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