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Works With AC, Motors, Geysers, Fridge, Exhaust Fan, Washing Machine, Chimney etc.
Good for AC and Motor
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Works With AC, Motors, Geysers, Fridge, Exhaust Fan, Washing Machine, Chimney etc.
Good for AC and Motor

Preparations before use

  • Your Smart phone or tablet has connected to a 2.4G WiFi with internet
  • You have the correct wifi password
  • Not allow to hide wifi (SSID).
  • Router no MAC filter is set.

Smarten up home with best Wifi Smart Switch in India

The easiest and most flexible option to smarten up your home with the latest technology would be to install Wifi enabled Duluck’s Smart Switches at your home. To add a bit of comfort and convenience in your working lifestyle only shows the real importance of how easy looking smart devices can make your life easier than a conventional one. And the most advantageous prospect of having them installed would be their cheapest and fastest feature to Smarten up home with best Wifi Smart Switch in India. Having your most common devices turned into smart technology-enabled ones unleashes their real power when put into use. The comforting nature of giving commands just while sitting at your cosy sofa and getting your all tasks done just sounds wonderful.

What do we understand by Smart Switches?

The look of these Smart Switches may look as ordinary as it can be. But the internal functioning of the switches is entirely different from the conventional ones. Plus, the point would be that you need not dig some extra amount of space on the wall because Smart Switches are known for their easy installation and simplified designs. Without the complicated wiring, it just fits well in your already present in-wall boxes and makes your task easy by manifold. The major difference which makes them different from the ordinary switches is that you can function them using an Application with the help of stable internet connection at your place. These switches would let you control your lighting and fans etc. other equipment connected to the same. And you can control your switches while sitting in any corner of your house.

Duluck’s Wifi Smart Switches are the best Smart Switch in India and the options available in the Indian market. You can connect to your switches from anywhere, except the fact you just mandatorily need stable internet connectivity.

Apart from that to give it an extra edge you can even access Duluck’s Smart Switches by giving voice commands by connecting it to your Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Alexa etc. You will be switch on and off your devices and extra Add Ons features depending on the individual functioning of our devices.

Duluck’s Wifi Smart Switches also makes sure that we live up to our user’s expectation and make their every penny spent worth. Which is why we are ensuring with the long-life durability of our switches. It is constructed using fire-resistant material to prevent electric shocks and short circuits. And above all we all understand sometimes our parents might not be comfortable with the idea of having technology-enabled devices, so we ensure that our Smart Switches are easy to operate and use and everyone feels as comfortable in using them. So it’s nearly time to Smarten up home with best Wifi Smart Switch in India beyond your expectation. You can visit our website for more Smart Technology-driven devices which are easily operable and help you and your family to lead a comfortable life.

Additional information





Maximum load capacity

16A (3200wt)

Output power

230V AC 50/60 HZ

Input power

AC 100-240V~50-60Hz

Operation frequency

2412 MHz to 2462 MHz for 802.11b/g/n (HT20)


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