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Smart Switches and Sockets for a Smart Home

If you want to covert your home into a smart home then you can go for smart switches and sockets. Wi-Fi switches and sockets can be a really good start for this. You can smarten up your normal, non-smart devices by using these sockets and switches. In this article let’s talk about the smart switch and sockets.

The easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to have smart control over your house is by using smart switches and sockets. So what actually are smart switches and sockets?

You can have the power of turning your normal devices into smart ones and control them even without doing much. How? Let’s see that.

  • Smart sockets
Duluck Wifi Smart Mini Plug
Duluck Wifi Smart Mini Plug

You might be wondering what a smart socket is. Smart sockets can be explained as small, travel adapters like devices in which you can plug in your device, connect it to a wall socket. It will make your ordinary device into a smart one. These plugs are connected to an app on your mobile phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Because of this, you can control your device, even if you re not there. By using these smart sockets you can control your washing machine, room lights, ceiling fans, coffee maker, and many electronic devices. Not just this but these switches come in a variety of designs. You can pick whatever suits you best.

Like if we see Duluck’s Wi-Fi smart mini plugs, it is the kind of smart plug that will connect to your phone via the internet (Wi-Fi). you can connect your home appliances to this plug and control them. Not just controlling but you can get the track of your devices at any place where there is network availability. Also, one device can support more than one smart plug controller. Because of the usage of smart link technology, you can have easy access to settings. It comes with a time function and to track your energy it has a power indicator too. You can enjoy controlling your appliances without even lifting your leg.

  • Why smart sockets/plugs?

Some of you may think if is it a good option to use smart plugs? Here are some features of smart plugs that may make your question go away.

  1. Your home security will be improved. If you are away from home, say on a vacation, your house can become an easy target for burglars. They can notice the switched off lights and other home appliances. To save you from that smart sockets can be of big help. They do not consume too much electricity and you can even schedule the timing for switching on the appliances. And you will return to a safe home.
  2. Many times people leave home and wonder if they switched off their television, AC, or maybe ceiling fan. But with this smart plug, you can check the status of your appliance and switch it off if you left your home in a hurry. You don’t have to rush back home or think all about this thing the whole day. Just one touch and your work are done.
  3. Voice control is something that we all want. These plugs can work with Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other smart hubs too. Like Duluck’s Wi-Fi smart mini plugs can work with Alexa, Google assistant, Duluck smart speaker, and smartphone.
  4. You can even schedule the shutting down and starting up time for your devices. And because of this, the energy-hogging devices will not consume too much energy.
Duluck Wifi Smart Switch
Duluck Wifi Smart Switch
  • Smart switches

Okay so, what are smart switches? What do we know about them? Well, smart switches are not your ordinary built-in switches, that’s for sure! These switches are installed using your already present in-wall boxes. These switches help you to control switch wired devices and home lighting by using new and better ways. Just like your smart sockets, these smart switches are controlled through an app and connected via the internet. You can use these switches to control your home appliances from anywhere you want.

Duluck smart switches are as amazing as the plugs. They can connect to your phone app via the internet, control the power of your home appliances, track the status of the switch from anywhere (network should be available). they also run on Smart link net tech and have the pretty etc.

  • Why smart switches?

Just like smart plugs, even smart switches have amazing features.

  1. These switches can be voice-controlled and can work with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.
  2. You can control the times of switch-like when to on or off them.
  3. You can set the switches according to your moods like when you are working, sleeping, or watching a movie.
  4. They can also help you with home security just like smart sockets.
  • How to buy a smart switch?

You want to buy a smart switch but don’t know how? Here are some of the qualities you can look for finding the perfect Wi-Fi smart switch for your home.

  1. Go for the switch with a longer lifespan. It is seen that most of the switches have a total of about 2,00,000 clicks.
  2. Safety is always a concern, so you should pick the switches that offer you the same. Go for fire redundant materials and the ones that protect you from any kind of electric shocks.
  3. What do you actually want? Modern switches or the traditional ones? Although people are mostly going for modular switches now. But still, it is good to know what kind of switches do you want to be installed in your house.
  4. The switches should be easy to use and operate. Although modern and smart switches have this and all the above qualities you can always weigh your options.

Smart switches and smart sockets-plugs can really turn your ordinary and boring home into something fun and new. It is like a stepping stone for you to turn your home into a modern smart house. You can look out for all these features mentioned above in your switches and sockets and get the best ones for your house. Now you don’t have to move at all to make your appliances work, just click and go!

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