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Smart Wi-Fi Switches, Plugs, and Sockets

A Smart Wi-Fi Switches can control the power at home with your smartphone application or even the button on the wall. This switch is wired into the electrical system, which has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. The electrical system controls the flow of electrical power, and the built-in Wi-Fi adapter connects to a local network in order to communicate with your smartphone application.


Smart Wi-Fi Switches are beneficial for you, and the benefits of using smart Wi-Fi Switches are the following:

  • Convenient since you have control options.
  • Secured and Safe.
  • You can choose between the wall or an app.
  • Home networks keep it working.

The basic features which a smart Wi-Fi switch has are listed below:

  • You can use the smart speaker for voice control.
  • Use your smartphone as a remote control.
  • You can create time-based schedules.
  • Set up different scenes, and “moods” are possible.


Smart plugs are one of those smart devices that can be found at home which can be controlled using your smartphones. Smart plugs are plug-in outlets that you will be plugging directly in a wall outlet or the traditional power strips where they have their own outlet where you will plug it into a device you wish to automate. The smart plug does not get you to gain or lose any outlets by plugging one into it; you are just simply making an existing outlet smart by just simply connecting it to the Wi-Fi network at your home.

Using a smart plug lets you use your phone to control the power. Scheduling is also possible with smart plugs. You just have to program it. Smart plugs come with different shapes and sizes. This is a basic device that is present in any smart home.

When you use smart plugs you can enjoy the following: Waking up with smart plugs which helps you on doing your daily morning routine; you can enjoy the pre-heated hair irons if you preset the smart plugs on the time that you’d do that; You can dinner even when you’re at your work; Your tumble dryer can be switched off overnight; Have the control over your kids’ consoles and TV; Have a warm space in winter; With your smart plug you can save money when you had your electronic purchase; and, Everything can be switched off when you fall asleep.

The basic features that a smart plug has are:

  • It can be controlled anywhere.
  • Schedules can be set.
  • It can be controlled with voice.

Smart Sockets or Outlets can turn on and off your home appliances through a voice command, but not all devices work with smart sockets. This device mostly works the same, and you will plug it in an existing outlet, then set it up to your Wi-Fi network at home, then you can start plugging some devices into the smart outlet to begin controlling the devices from your smartphone using some app. Devices can only be controlled by smart outlet if it is plugged in on the outlet at all times.

The benefit you get in using smart outlets is that it reduces your energy bills. It also makes your life easier. They are convenient since it keeps the unused appliances turned off reducing its “standby” consumption. With internet connection you can easily turn the devices on and off anywhere you are. Smart Sockets also have the same basic features as smart plugs.

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