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5 cool must-have home automation electricals

  • Smart Plug
  • Multimedia Switch
  • Remote Fan Regulator controller system
  • Wifi Switch
  • Smart Screen

Here are 5 cool home automation electricals everybody should have in their home:

WiFi Smart Plug: Gone are the days when you would forget to turn off/turn on any appliances. Smart Plugs solve this problem very easily. These are just like a normal extension socket that lets you plug in any appliance, except they are powered with a WiFi ability.

It simply connects to your home WiFi and you can turn on/off anything with a click of a button or voice command when connected to a smart speaker. Good Smart Plugs also allow you to schedule a time to turn on and turn off things.

For instance, you can schedule a time to turn on/off the geyser and water motor, especially if you forget a lot to turn off the geyser and turn on the motor at the right time.

Simply put, Smart Plugs can automate any electrical appliance. All you have to do is simply plug & play.

Smart Plug

Multimedia Switches: Let’s face this, no one likes having cords lying around. They make your setup look shabby and full of clutter. Planning to have a few multimedia switches throughout your home can help reduce that clutter and make your life a lot easier. 

We recommend you have these multimedia switches behind the TVs because that’s where the most cord clutter is. Now you can hang your flat screen nice & tidy against the wall.

Remote Fan Regulator Controller System: This is another cool electrical gadget that saves time and makes an appliance like a ceiling fan, fun to use. This gadget simply makes your fan remote controllable. It comes with an upper cap that needs to be installed on top of the fan and any electrician can install it.

Once installed, it turns a regular ceiling fan into a remote control-enabled ceiling fan. Now you can regulate the speed of your fan with remote control (which comes in the box). Now the elders in your home don’t need to worry about calling someone to adjust the fan speed and you also don’t need to bother yourself to get up and move.

Remote Fan controller
WiFi Switch

WiFi Switches: Just like Smart plugs, WiFi switches for home are also a new concept. These switches come with a WiFi functionality that simply connects to your home WiFi and lets you control your home appliances with just a click of a button. 

Installation of WiFi switches doesn’t require any changes in the wiring, they fit well in the existing wiring channel, but you would need an electrician to do that for you.

WiFi Switches for home use Smart Link net technology you can easily access settings, besides, it has timing function you can DIY for your favorite and power indicator for your energy tracking and it also lets you have fun on local or remote control your home appliances, enjoy with it. Now lights, fans, TV, and pretty much every electric appliance is just a click or voice command away.

Smart Screen: These days home automation is in vogue and the future of it are smart screens. Smart Screens are a medium to house and give you control of all the Home Automation gadgets like Smart Switches, Plugs, etc. 

Smart Screens can take both voice command and manual button-click control. Besides, they also come with Alexa or Google Assistant built-in and some (like ours) come with both of them built-in. So that makes a smart screen a perfect option for other use cases like productivity, entertainment, and assistance. So in a nutshell. Smart Screens can prove to be an excellent house aid and a friend to turn to when you are bored and this makes it a must-have item in a home. 

smart screen

So there you have it, these are the 5 cool must-have electricals to buy when moving into a new house or upgrading your existing one.